A Feeling Of Great Pleasure And Happiness

Find Your Joy!

I’m Charlene Byars. In my life I have experienced it all – from great personal and professional victories to times where I felt completely defeated, and everything in between. And there is one thing I know for sure – when a woman feels empowered, she feels joy.

Sometimes we find ourselves fully in our power in one area, but not in others. When we find ourselves in that place, sometimes a new perspective is exactly what we need. By looking at our life through a different lens, we can actually make a choice about how that area looks to us. We no longer have to be locked into a perspective that doesn’t serve us.

I have coached many, many women and I have seen it all. It’s my job to hold space for you, while you move through the spaces of empowerment. Whether it’s old patterns that you want to be free of, or old beliefs that need to be let go of, I am here assist you in finding your true joy. Because there is no reason for you to live any other way than how you truly want your life to be.


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