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Charlene is a certified empowerment coach with her own transformational story that resulted in her finding her soul-aligned  partner.

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Charlene works with women to rediscover their true empowerment and joy, remove the obstacles that keep them stuck, and restore their sense of fulfillment and enthusiasm for life.

As women, we are pulled in many different directions – to be strong but still feminine, powerful but still loving, independent but still compassionate. It can be hard to navigate the many roles we as women play, and still feel empowered and fulfilled at the same time. It’s my life’s work to help women navigate these roles with a sense of ease and peace. Mama, I've got you.

Let’s face it – life changes people. Sometimes those changes are wanted, sometimes not so much. In my coaching and events, I bring all of my knowledge about women, relationships and life transitions to the table so you can unleash your superpowers. My style is direct and compassionate and has been described as “a punch and a hug.” I help you find the REAL YOU, the woman you were born to be. Are you ready?

I have invested a lot in my training and development to be your empowerment coach. I am a Certified Empowerment Coach through the world-renowned SWAT Institute, and I cannot wait to work with you.

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Charlene takes her clients through a proven process moving from stuck, complacent and constantly dissatisfied to having real freedom, possibility and choice.

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Work privately with Charlene to maximize and expedite your  journey toward your soul-aligned relationship. This is a true life changing experience where you will achieve a new level of empowerment.

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