The Relationship Revolution System, The Five C's to Relationship Bliss

Ladies, Let's Talk men!!

You will discover the three secrets to have amazing relationships with men, and not have to change who you are:

Secret #1: The number one reason why you’re not getting the relationship you want with the men in your life.

Secret #2: Why every time you’ve tried to change the men in your life has kept you miserable and stuck, and has actually made things worse.

Secret #3: Why this revolutionary breakthrough technique will work for you even if think you tried everything and no matter how hopeless your unique circumstances feel.


It's Your Time to...

  • Learn the most important thing that men want you to know
  • Cause a breakthrough for yourself
  • Have true peace and joy in your life
  • Have a new appreciation for the men in your life
  • Open yourself to new possibilities in your relationships with men
  • Understand that your questions about men are shared with other women
  • Find your community of like-minded women who will support you and be there for you
  • Create a new vision for your relationships with men, and live into it
  • Discover the state of mind that will keep you grounded in yourself and open to new possibilities
  • Bring your empowerment to the area of relationships with men
  • Heal the old wounds from past relationships
  • Examine the assumptions and decisions about men that are shaping your relationships in the background
  • Get over the fear of being in a relationship or trying to change the one you are in
  • Equip yourself with the communication tools that will empower you in any relationship
  • Have a new level of intimacy in relationships
  • Examine the crucial differences between men and women
  • Be free of the limiting beliefs that have held you back from having exquisite relationships with men in the past

Save the Date!

We get started on Wednesday, April 7th
7pm EST / 4pm PST

Using our Relationship Revolution methodology, you gain the clarity, creation, communication, connection and confidence to bring forth the best version of yourself and be empowered in any relationship with men.

Understand How You Got Here

This course is designed to bring about a breakthrough and give you a new level of freedom in your relationships with men. In order to cause that breakthrough and have empowered relationships, we need to address our old stories, break up old thought patterns and limiting beliefs, and heal the wounds of past relationships. In this first session, we explore the shifting landscape of relationships, assumptions and decisions we made that still shape us, and how we show up in relationships. We also begin the conversation about men – who they are, their qualities, the fundamental and often overlooked differences between men and women and why they are the way they are.

What is Going on With Men
These Days?

Men – for some of us, our favorite topic. For others, it’s a word that brings up questions, bewilderment and makes us shake our head. In weeks two and three, we take a deep dive into the world of men by exploring the masculine world and what has happened to men in the past 75 years. We investigate why men act the way they act, and why you feel you are not being heard by them. Why is it that men always feel like they have to give you a solution, and why do they check out? We explore the traditional raising of boys into men – how it should go, so boys transition into the strong and confident, masculine presence we appreciate from all of the greatest men in our life. We also explore the loss of the traditional tests of manhood and how that has impacted men today. Then, after understanding how men develop and some of the major differences between men and women, we explore what men desire and need, and what men want women to know about being in a relationship with them.

Transcend the Past and Choose How You Want to Show up in Relationships

Now that we have clarity about where you started, and you understand the world of men, let’s talk about the how you can choose to show up in relationships. In this session we look at all of the factors that influence you in relationships, starting with your female archetype – are you in mother energy, daughter energy or woman energy? We explore how relationships are formed, the ways that being triggered affect us, and how taking care of your mind, your body and your spirit can make the biggest impact of all. And in this session, we start to train you in the simple, but highly effective empowerment tools designed to increase the quality of your communication with the men in your lives. Out of this session, you will feel empowered in your glorious woman energy to use these tools in your relationships to create or attract the relationship that you truly want.

A Deeper Connection That Comes From Intimacy

A deeper connection with a man is what women want, however, most modern men are not taught about anything about women and what we want and need from a man. If your intention is to have great relationships with the men in your life, or you want to find a man and have a great relationship with him, then the steps discussed in this session are for you. In this session we get raw and real about our sexuality and intimacy. We’ll get back to the basics about the real differences between how men and women approach intimacy. We will get clear that a full and vibrant sex life is your birthright as a woman. We will identify why it’s important to access your “sexy” persona. We’ll dispel the mystery that you can’t tell a man what you want. We dive into why it’s important to communicate exactly what you want from an intimate relationship partner, and how being open can bring about whole new worlds of pleasure. And we investigate how the way you are outside of the bedroom can affect your intimate relationship as well. Out of this session, you will begin to build a foundation of confidence around intimacy that will allow you to experience the deepest connection
with your man.

The Best Relationship Advice Around

One of the things Charlene says all the time is that women should stop taking bad advice. In this session, Charlene gives you her best advice about relationships. From what to do in situations that seem to play out over and over again in your relationships, to great tools and perspectives designed to empower you as you unleash a new level of greatness in your relationships with the men in your lives. From how to get ready for a conversation you’re nervous to have, to questions about specific situations and how to handle them. Charlene brings her decades of coaching experience and depth of knowledge in the area of relationships to this session to give you the real strategies and perspectives that will alter the quality of your relationships for good.

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