Empowerment Coaching

Empowerment coaching is the process of taking a person from a place where they experience being stuck, complacent or constantly dissatisfied in an area of life, to having real freedom, possibility and choice. While most people possess and express a natural desire to grow and make progress, both significant life events and repetitive life routines can dull our sharpness and leave us feeling at the effect of life, and less empowered than we truly know ourselves to be. Working with me, you identify areas of life where you want to have more power and joy. These areas may include relationships, aspects of your professional life, or your health and well-being - and others.

In empowerment coaching, we identify where you are starting, where you want to go, and design a vision for your life and a plan for you to get there. Together, we explore the most important areas of your life, your current perspective, and then discuss new points of view that are not being considered. When new perspectives are considered and studied, suddenly new choices and possibilities that didn’t exist before become available. And when new choices and possibilities are available, there comes a new freedom in the way you begin to think about those areas of your life.

We get behind the scenes to optimize your mindset, begin to dismantle old thought and behavior patterns that keep you stuck, and create and reinforce new habits that propel you forward towards the achievement of your vision. Suddenly, you are in action and producing results! There is a true and REAL you that is a source of your power and achievement, and together, we get you back in touch with your personal power, greatness and joy.

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