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Charlene is a certified empowerment coach and a dating and love expert, with her own transformational story that resulted in her finding her soul-aligned partner and best-friend-lover. 

Signing up for my Free Masterclass: How to Attract Devoted Masculine Men is your entry point into the Chosen world where your own empowerment journey will begin. 

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Together we'll roll up our sleeves, dig deep and get to the source of how you got where you are. And then get you moving in the right direction!

You will be empowered to actually make the changes you want. Together we'll set a powerful vision, solve sticky relationship challenges, and get you moving in your most important work.


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Are you ready to attract the divine, best-friend-lover relationship that you truly deserve?

If you are longing for an intimate and deeper connection within yourself AND your partner, then it's time for you to Level Up in love!

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Successful people know how to have strategic conversations.
Here is an insider tool that will prepare you to...Achieve the outcome you want in any conversation with anyone-- even the conversations you don't want to have...without having wonder if you are prepared enough.

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I Do! Creating Your Happily Ever After


This seven chapter ebook chapter ebook will pave the way for you to learn and embody the secrets to a lifetime of happiness together. We will cover everything from communication, to finances, to the truly intimate topics. This is a MUST HAVE before you get married.

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I now love dating and meeting new people and am having the time of my life.

So much of who I am today and the confidence and the freedom I feel and the pleasure I’m having is because of Charlene.

Before taking Charlene‘s program I felt completely disempowered and had no confidence in dating and I was attracting the same type of guy.

After her program it all completely changed for me. Charlene is brilliant and seriously is the best coach ever! I feel completely empowered in who I am. I now love dating and meeting new people and am having the time of my life. Now that I understand the secrets to being an empowered single woman, I absolutely love being me!

If you are considering working with Charlene, don’t hesitate and GO FOR IT! You will get exactly what you need and so much more! Thank you, Charlene, for completely igniting my life! I’m forever grateful!


I have fallen in love with myself.

Because of Charlene I now see life as I am. And it is beautiful because for the first time in my entire life, I have actually fallen in love with myself! I am free. I am happy. I love life. I am finally living!

If you're ever kind of thinking about taking one of Charlene’s courses or hiring her as an empowerment coach, do it!

I swear to you, she will change your life forever. She will take you off the life support you've been clinging to your whole life and you will start to breathe on your own for the first time.

I adore you, Charlene! I am forever grateful to you for helping me breathe again.


Why do you need a coach?

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Charlene Byars 

Leading Relationship Expert
Certified Empowerment Coach
Women’s Revolutionary Mentor

Sometimes we find ourselves fully in our power in one area, but not in others. When we find ourselves in that place, sometimes a new perspective is exactly what we need. By looking at our life through a different lens, we can actually make a choice about how that area looks to us. We no longer have to be locked into a perspective that doesn’t serve us.

I have coached many, many women and I have seen it all.

It’s my job to hold space for you, while you move through the spaces of empowerment. Whether it’s old patterns that you want to be free of, or old beliefs that need to be let go of, I am here assist you in finding your true joy. Because there is no reason for you to live any other way than how you truly want your life to be.