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Charlene Byars is a certified empowerment coach and developed the Relationship Revolution System coaching program. Her entrepreneurial career began in her twenties when she founded her own day-care center. She has since been a top sales producer and trainer across diverse industries, and has wowed and entertained audiences with her message and unique, high-energy signature style. Your audience will leave the presentation inspired, empowered and ready to take action.


Claim Your Respect

In this presentation the audience is prompted to explore respect as a fundamental element of successful relationships. Through the telling of her dramatic personal story, Charlene teaches the tools and techniques that anyone can use in their relationships to bring about a higher level of respect than what was possible or available before. The audience learns the three elements of a conversation proven to help them claim their respect in the relationships that matter to them most.

Stop Taking Bad Advice

Too many people are allowing others to have an opinion about their lives. Charlene uncovers one of the biggest mistakes that people make when seeking advice. Charlene teaches the importance of being selective about who you ask for advice, and how to evaluate the advice you are given. Charlene shares her own experiences of traversing the advice minefield.

The Most Important Decisions You Will Ever Make

Who you choose as your life partner, or who you choose to stay with as your life partner, is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make in your life. It shapes everything, from who your family and friends are to what’s possible in your career and the overall happiness in your home. In this heartfelt, informative talk, Charlene prompts her audience to look inward and discover the truth about this primary relationship and shares her personal experience of what can happen when we teach people how to treat us in life.

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