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Creating Your Happily Ever After

The Secrets to a Lifetime of Happiness Together
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This ebook was created by Charlene Byars to help women become fully empowered as they start married life.

This seven chapter book provides essential guidance to allow couples to be successful and flourishing in their marriages. Topics covered include communication, finances, intimacy, perspective and much more!

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What Charlene covers in the ebook:

The Stages of Marriage

Intimate Communication

Money Dynamics for Couples

Putting it All in Perspective

Ready for your successful and fulfilling marriage?

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Dream relationships don’t just happen – they’re created.  

And the reasons you’ve been struggling to create your dream relationship isn’t your fault!

It’s because:

❌  The old wounds & limiting beliefs from your past are subconsciously sabotaging you from showing up as your empowered self while dating. 

❌  You’re not 100% clear on WHAT you want in a relationship, so you’re constantly wondering whether someone is “right” for you. 

❌  No one ever taught you the secrets to creating a dream relationship.

◆ ◆ ◆

But guess what, mama?

Once you remove the junk standing in your way and tap into your empowerment...
You will radiate a CONFIDENCE that allows you to voice your needs & desires to your partner. 
You will know how to pour all the love you feel for yourself into your partner so you can create a passionate, intimate and SUCCESSFUL  relationship. 

And I’m going to show you how! 

What you get…


  1. 60-page ebook packed full of the guidance you need delivered immediately to your inbox.
  2. Seven comprehensive chapters that cover all the important stuff!
  3. Free access to Charlene Byar's private Facebook group for ongoing support.

Topics the ebook covers:

Meet Your Divine Guide

Hey, I’m Charlene Byars!   

Leading Relationship Expert
Certified Empowerment Coach
Women’s Revolutionary Mentor

For over 25 years, I’ve coached 100s of women on how to attract their dream, soul-aligned partner and level up their relationship with themselves and their lover. 

The women that come to me long for MORE. They crave a DEEP, intimate CONNECTION that lights them up. They want to be in the relationship of their dreams.  

But over and over again, I see these amazing women consistently attract and pick men who don’t cherish them.

Or they’re too scared to be their authentic selves in their relationships. 

And mama, it honestly breaks my heart. 

That’s why I created this ebook. 

I want to free you from the old wounds & junk stopping you from seeing yourself as the GODDESS you are. 

I want to step into your most empowered self so you can turn up your IRRESISTIBLE energy. 

And I want you to fall so deeply in love with yourself that you’ll be able to ignite the PASSION and fire in your relationship. 

These are the tools & techniques I use with my 1:1 clients to help them attract and create the relationship of their dreams…

Get the ebook now!